Lift Chairs

Lift Chairs! Why Buy a Lift Chair!

An ideal candidate for a lift chair is someone who needs help getting in and out of their chair on a daily basis whether due to aging, arthritis or a recent surgery that limits their mobility.  Those in need of a standard lift chair are not able to get in and out of a chair by themselves, yet are able to move around on their own after being raised to a standing position.  Since lift chairs look and feel like regular chairs they provide a friendly way of regaining independence.

Lift chairs, with their specially designed structure and easy to operate hand controls can be a key tool in preventing injuries to the user and caregiver.  Helping someone transition from a sitting (or even lying) position imposes a physical strain on the caregiver, potentially resulting in a challenging and dangerous situation for both the caregiver and their loved one.

Selecting the right lift chair is sometimes a little confusing.  There are many different options and models available.  A good approach is to start with the specific needs of the primary occupant, focusing on their height, weight and shape.

It is best for the person that will be using the lift chair to come in and try the different models we have on the floor.  Not every style of chair feels the same to every person.  Someone may need a deeper seat and tall back, while someone else may need a wider seat and a short back.  The staff at Davis Drugs will be happy to assist and advise in the process of buying a Lift Chair.

 We have a large selection of Lift Chairs at our Paducah Pharmacy location. Stop in today.

Lift chairs of all sizes and styles.  We have a style that will match your need.
Lift chairs of all sizes and styles. We have a style that will match your need.