Medication Adherence



The staff at Davis Drugs wants you to obtain the best possible results from your medication.

When in doubt ask your Davis Drugs Pharmacist or your health care provider.   Sometime

medications will interact with one another,  foods you are eating,  or a condition you have or

may be experiencing,  we would like to be of assistance so do NOT hesitate to give us a question or comment.  

“Peace of Mind”

Davis Drugs offers “Peace of Mind”  to help you and your loved ones maintain medication in

A systematic, organized medication planner.  This service will prepare your medication in

a pill planner weekly, (or less often if you desire) so that your medication is organized in an appropriate manner, as directed by you and your prescriber.

Medication Review:

Patients who desire a review of their current medication are encouraged to bring in a list of their current therapy and have a thorough evaluation performed by a pharmacist.

Aspects that will be specifically addressed include:

Drug to drug interactions

Drug-OTC-Food interactions

Therapeutic duplications

Dosage Concerns

Adverse Drug Reactions